Two Million Strong

Posted by Katherine | January 21, 2009 – 1:27 pm

If you were anywhere near DC or a TV or the web yesterday, you couldn’t have missed the monumental inaugural crowd. (One of the coolest shots from the MSM: this 360 from the NYT.) If for some reason you had your head in a paper bag, here’s a hint of the masses.

Barry S says he and everyone else “formed an orderly line behind the security checkpoint” that gave access to the parade route:

Inauguration-day checkpoint
[xtol7 / Flickr]

Jqblue (featured previously here) got an atmospheric shot — complete with flags, dome, and TV-camera crane — down at the Capitol end of the Mall:

Capitol at inauguration
[jqblue / Flickr]

Sarah Mick (also featured here) was embedded somewhere middlish(?) on the Mall. Looking back towards the Lincoln Memorial, she saw bundled people all the way to the horizon:

People stretching to horizon
[sarahmick / Flickr]

Sarah says that, after the inauguration, the crowd wedged its way down 18th St. because everything else was blocked off for the parade.


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