Inauguration Emotion

Posted by Katherine | January 22, 2009 – 10:06 am

Sylvie, a Los Angeles pharmacist (or maybe homecook, or maybe both), was on the Mall for the inaugural ceremony. She filmed Obama’s swearing-in and then a 360-degree view of the crazy mad flag waving, cheering, and chanting that ensued. My favorite moment: the chuckles during the bumpy oath.

[Soul Fusion Kitchen / Flickr]

Karon Flage is a site producer and photo blogger from Arlington, Virginia. She captured this emotion right after the oath of office. JustSayCheese, in a comment on the photo, says, “It’s funny, but some people think that we, as photographers, miss the main action. These are the priceless moments.”

Three people happy after swearing-in
[Karon Flage / Flickr]

Phil, also from Arlington, Virginia, observes very closely the world around him. (We featured him previously here.) During Obama’s speech, his view was somewhat blocked by this couple, so he turned it to his advantage and took their photograph:

Inauguration embrace
[philliefan99 / Flickr]

He calls his picture “embracing the change.”


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