Inauguration Security

Posted by Katherine | January 23, 2009 – 2:24 pm

Fifty-eight federal, state, and local agencies lent the Secret Service a hand with security during the inauguration. There were DC Homeland Security mobile command units. Mounted police on the Mall. Snipers on roofs. Large camouflaged vehicles. And military on patrol and lining the parade route.

Occasionally the security forces appeared slightly overrun. As in this picture of two soldiers directing the crowd — taken by Shawn Scott, a Texan software developer living in DC.

Military directing large crowd
[geekycyberdad / Flickr]

On the other hand there was also this cop, and chances are people did what he asked them to do. Ballotvoxregular and radio marketer/producer Mike Lynch (see him featured here and here) took the shot.

Policeman at inauguration
[lynch_m_j / Flickr]

Mike may be in the crowd safely tucked behind the barrier reflected in the policeman’s glasses.


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