Behind the Scenes at the Inauguration

Posted by Katherine | January 23, 2009 – 4:44 pm

Imagine the inauguration logistics. The signs and chairs and bleachers and other construction that had to go up. The seat heaters and lights that had to go in. The careful rehearsals. Here are a few scenes from the underbelly.

Hugh Grew, a TV producer from Oakland, California, worked on the inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial. And took a whole series of cool set-up shots. This one shows the pile of sound and other equipment that went into the event.

Sound equipment at Lincoln Memorial
[earmuffboy / Flickr]

Next up: part of the 7000-strong fleet of porta-potties, the biggest ever in the United States. Some were patriotic. Some came with helpful glow sticks. Many were used creatively. Here, Virginian Phil noticed their outer beauty on a square just off the parade route several days before the inauguration. (He’s a ballotvoxregular: here, here, here, and here.)

Portapotties at night
[philliefan99 / Flickr]

Phil also turned a mountain of trash into something rather compelling:

Mountain of trash
[philliefan99 / Flickr]

Trash that required a force of workers on clean-up patrol. Barry S, local photography enthusiast (and ballotvoxregular: see here and here), watched these men apparently picking up after the horses on the parade route.

Men cleaning up
[xtol7 / Flickr]

For which he felt they “deserved some props.”


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