Obama’s Inauguration: What It Meant to Them — Part III

Posted by Katherine | January 23, 2009 – 6:36 pm

Jim Karrels from the DC ‘burbs interviewed his two-year-old son Matthew on inauguration day. Matthew and his mom — who does a brief turn as Hillary Clinton (off camera) — talk about the animals Matthew would bring to the White House if he were president. Matthew never lets go of the flag while talking and eating. He salutes President Obama with it — and with a spoon.

[Jim Karrels / Vimeo]

Peter Nicks from Piedmont, California, is a professional documentary filmmaker. Normally he trains his camera on things like drug wars and Islam in America. On Tuesday, he turned it on his son, Paolo — who isn’t quite convinced that John McCain really lost.

[peter nicks / Vimeo]

To see more young punditry from earlier in the campaign featuring Peter’s articulate six-year-old daugher Karina (sp?), watch this.


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