The First 100 Days

Posted by Katherine | January 27, 2009 – 1:59 pm

Obama has one of the highest initial job-approval ratings (68%) of any post-WWII president. The flip side of it: The Expectations.

Dave Rex Wood is a software engineer and enthusiastic amateur photographer in Colorado. On inauguration day, he revived the post-election Message for Obama phenomenon and sent six more requests to the new president. “Nothing major,” he says, “just a few things I hope he’ll take care of over the next few years. With our help, of course.”

Bread-line statue
[d.rex / Flickr]

Two of Obama’s priorities: the economy and the Middle East. He is trying to speed economic-stimulus legislation through Congress. And he has met with his national-security team about Iraq and is attempting to project a new tone towards the Arab world.

Twenty-seven-year-old David Cajio from New Jersey explained in an email that he writes computer code to pay the bills but recently started pursuing photography as a possible career. Around the time of the election, he created this commentary on the economy, asking, “Does the present blend so easily with what has happened in the past?” (The bread-line statue is part of FDR’s memorial in DC — see it also featured here.)

Bread-line statue
[hadeair / Flickr and Cajio Photo]

Melissa Brewer is a college student in Greensburg, Indiana, majoring in photography. After the election, she took this picture of her husband, who was expecting to be laid off from his job at a car-parts factory.

Stabilize the job market
[Melissa B Photography / Flickr]

Lloyd Allen is a soldier currently deployed in Iraq. He doesn’t find military life interesting or fun but feels “the middle east is something to capture” — on camera, presumably. He’s been in Iraq since October 2008 and would like to leave, so just after election day, he made this message for Obama:

Don’t forget the troops
[>…BuriedALive… / Flickr]

He also created this collage:

Boys in Iraq
[>…BuriedALive… / Flickr]

Under the photo, Lloyd says, “Yes he did.. Now Trick or Treat?”


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