Posted by Katherine | February 14, 2008 – 4:44 pm

Welcome to BallotVox! We’re a campaign 08 project based at PRX — we’ll be “curating” smart local views on the 2008 election from the blogosphere and other social-media networks. Tired of punditry? Here’s where you’ll see, read, and listen to the real public conversation about issues and candidates that’s streaming from kitchens and cubicles. Conversations that are rooted in local communities. We’ll troll blogs, YouTube, Flickr, and podcasts for sharp, humorous perspectives so that you don’t have to.

BallotVox is funded by a CPB “election collaboration” grant to winnow Web 2.0 for public media organizations and for anyone out there hungry for creative election coverage. You can learn more about us and how to help out here.

Those are the goals. For now, though, we’re only a few days into the project and still bending our minds around WordPress widgets. We’re eager to clear the tech hurdles and avidly post content, so stay tuned!


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