Why Conservative Christians Should Vote for McCain

Posted by Katherine | July 24, 2008 – 2:16 pm
Pro-life protester in front of Supreme Court
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A lot of conservative Christians — who voted reliably for Bush in the last two elections — seem to be alienated and disappointed by McCain as their Republican option. Some, though, argue pragmatically that it’s in their long-term interest to support him.

Kara is a Christian who is “determined in prayer and honesty” (and fond of adjectives). She’s dumbfounded by evangelicals threatening to sit out the election. Kara feels it’s her “duty as a Christian and as an American citizen” to cast a vote because it will have an effect on issues important to her. (Hat tip to Ann Raber.)

I am not overly happy with Obama or McCain. But I must look beyond myself to the future here for a moment. What candidate is closer to the convictions I hold? What candidate will put into place or position what I stand for even if it won’t have any bearing on me? Let me go out on a limb and give you a personal example here. Abortion. Protecting the life of a child is important to me. […] So, what type of Supreme Court judge do I want? […] [O]ne who will protect the rights of a child. Who elects Supreme Court judges? The President.

[…] While the Presidency is temporary, they have the power to put people in power permanently. So why wouldn’t I vote? I might not be pleased today, but I must think ahead. To not vote would be a disaster. And to not vote on the grounds that I am a Christian would be even worse. I don’t want to be so spiritually minded that I am no earthly good. What does not voting do? It takes away your God given voice.

Michigan-based Will is a seminary student who writes a blog called Pro Life Evangelical. He’s “not a big McCain fan” either, but he’s still “supporting him strongly” for the same reasons as Kara: because he’s more likely to appoint a pro-life Supreme Court judge. Will has taken some flack for this stance and defends himself (thanks again, Ann Raber):

[V]oting for McCain is not a compromise of principle. I maintain my principles fully (I oppose abortion completely and in all cases) and I try to achieve those goals using imperfect tools (such as Reagan, Bush and McCain). You can be so principled about wanting to drive a nail into a 2×4 that when you can’t find a good hammer, you use a stone instead. Using the stone is not a compromise….it actually shows your dedication to the project.

Quite a different viewpoint from that of some conservative Christians who are turning their focus away from traditional issues and even politics altogether.


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