Recently, On the Campaign Trail

Posted by Katherine | October 10, 2008 – 9:42 pm

Three shots from three rallies in three states this month.

University of Dayton political science major Emily says she likes photographing Disney World, but she seems to be documenting the campaign enthusiastically as well. (See another of her election pics here.) This photo was from a Palin rally in Wilmington, Ohio, yesterday.

McCain-campaign bus
[er3465 / Flickr]

Vincent Brown from Philly took this shot a week ago at an Obama rally at the high school in Abington, Pennsylvania.

Women 4 Obama
[Vincent J. Brown / Flickr]

Tucker Philips, a student who goes by “reallynotanerd” on AIM, recorded these three (if you count the baby) McCain supporters and three Obama supporters — separated by a cow demanding health care — at a McCain rally yesterday in Mosinee, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin rally
[Tucker Lee Phillips / Flickr]

If you look at the cow in large size, she appears rather tigerish. You can also see that her sign uses a takeoff of the “Got milk?” ads.


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