Farewell, Co-Curators

Posted by Katherine | November 7, 2008 – 12:28 pm
Beatles Hello Goodbye album cover
Inside joke here: when the co-curators introduced
themselves, Jake asked them to talk about their
favorite Beatle. [Mark Sardella / Flickr]

BallotVox bids a sad goodbye today to its remarkable co-curators. Sarolta Cump, Misa Dayson, James Mills, Ann Raber, Sue Salinger, and volunteer curator Roshan Abraham have been the fiery engine of this project. BallotVox’s answer, if you will, to Obama’s hardworking zillions.

They subjected themselves to hours of YouTube drivel, weeded through the often vitriolic blogosphere, and flicked madly through Flickr to bring you bright, thoughtful citizen commentary on Campaign 08 and it issues. The full collection they built will stand as an archive about this election. Each of them has a personal tag in that collection — look them up to see what they found!

They were creative, determined, and thoroughly flexible, and it’s been so fun to follow their enthusiasms through the links they turned up. They taught me an enormous amount and gave BallotVox its breadth and depth. I only wish we could have gathered daily at the PRX office, but their geographic spray (CA, CO, WI, TX, NY) was great for the project.

If they’re not feeling shy, they might wave farewell themselves here on the blog. In the meantime, if you’re inclined to salute them with a comment, I’m sure it would be very much appreciated.

Ann, James, Misa, Roshan, Sarolta, Sue: Thank you so much for your humor and your exemplary work. I wish each of you happiness as you continue to apply your prodigious talents in the virtual and real worlds.


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