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Posted by Katherine | November 21, 2008 – 6:28 pm

The post-election Flickr phenomenon is A Message for Obama. (Thanks, James Mills, for the heads-up.) It’s sort of like old-skool Twitter. You take a pen and a piece of paper and write Obama a short note. (A lot of people use post-its.) Then you take a photo of the note, preferably including part of yourself.

The messages span a range from adoration to mistrust, generalities to specifics. They’re wishes and wishlists from the nation. Something about the pictures is mesmerizing: the intimacy of the handwriting, the spirited concerns, the sense of engagement. We’ll be highlighting some of the photos in a series of posts, but you can see our full selection here.

To start the series: a few love notes.

Vintage Travel likes to think of herself as a world traveller but admits she might need to visit a few more countries to qualify. She’s also a “very political individual.” She felt the election was a race between “two fantastic candidates” who had her “utmost respect,” but it was for Obama that she made “literally thousands” of phone calls and “hundreds” of house calls:

State went blue
[Vintage Travel / Flickr]

Nikki Dee has a fondness for “dip[ing] into” her dad’s “super ridiculous camera collection.” Like Vintage Travel, she respects McCain, and she doesn’t want Republican views ignored during the next administration. But she voted with her feet for Obama:

Stood on street corners
[nikki dee. / Flickr]

Johanna MacDonald in is an actress studying in Helsinki, Finland, and “working hard in the cellars of finnish theatre.” She celebrated Obama’s win “at, like, 6 freaking AM” because of the time change. Here she is the next day (thanks, James Mills):

Personal power
[happeningfish / Flickr]

Midwestern Bobbi Newman is a librarian by day but a community builder, among other things, by night. Obama helped her recognize the power of the larger American community:

Post-its on mirror
[Librarian by Day / Flickr]

Recovering Insomniac is a student, and here he holds what looks like a standardized-test answer sheet. Do you think he’s saying Obama inspires him to get better grades? Or makes him aspire to more than just test scores?

Rise above this
[Recovering Insomniac / Flickr]

Note his sly t-shirt.


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  2. These are adorable.

    Seems like the latter’s picture is a reference to Obama’s opposition to No Child Left Behind.

    By Roshan on Nov 21, 2008

  3. Very cool. I didn’t know about this. I featured it on my blog, The Obama Dog Blog, with a link back to you…

    By Moira on Dec 11, 2008

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