Rehearsing the Inauguration

Posted by Katherine | January 14, 2009 – 11:12 am

DC primped for the inauguration with a full-blown dress rehearsal on Sunday. People swept the streets. Military personnel marched with flags. Portapotties were set up and sealed with zip ties. When faux Obamas and Bidens practiced the swearing-in at the Capitol, Army Staff Sergeant Derrick Brooks stood in for Barack.

Two girls decided to take in the Capitol view, and local Gene Bonventre, who likes travelling even more than he likes photography, caught them in matching folding chairs.

Girls watching inauguration rehearsal
[Travlr / Flickr]

Along Obama’s parade route, Gene saw servicemen (and women?) saluting and parading.

Military rehearsing inauguration
[Travlr / Flickr]

He also met Army Master Sergeant William Gabbard and his awesome hat. Gabbard is apparently a drum major who will be participating in his fifth inaugural. He’s grinning because, as he said, “I won’t get to smile in the real inauguration parade.”

Drum major in hat
[Travlr / Flickr]

Phil (aka philliefan99 born in, yup, Philadelphia) lives in Arlington, Virginia, and enjoys “seeing the world without traveling.” He spotted a little piece of that world — a marching band — reflected in a tuba.

Marching band reflected in tuba
[philliefan99 / Flickr]

Scottbphilp captured the geometry of a rehearsing motorcade.

[scottbphilp / Flickr]

He also zoomed in on some of the red, white, and blue that will festoon the capital.

Setting up bunting
[scottbphilp / Flickr]

Better views than most people can hope to have next Tuesday.


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